Hi, I'm Dana!

I am all things pink, sparkly, and blockchain. 

I'm currently a senior at Miami of Ohio -  born and raised in the heart of Chicago. I am an Information Systems major with a Fashion minor (weird mix, I know) and I have a focus in blockchain/other disruptive technologies. I am the Head of Blockchain research for the Miami University Blockchain Club and I am leading anecdotal research on "less than obvious" ways blockchain is changing the future for the university as a whole. 

I got involved with blockchain a few years ago when I interned for a social think tank, Remodista, that combined fashion fintech and disruptive technologies - my two passion, ayoo! Since then, I've devoted my time and research to the world's most revolutionary technology (in my oh-so humble opinion), while striving to encourage girls like me to join the #WomenInTech movement. 

But wait, hold up - I'm obviously not your typical tech gal... and that's my super power. Just like Barbie, I can be who I want to be and in my finest Elle Woods fashion, I'll take the tech world by storm. Follow along so you can too.